Bangladesh Nationwide Diabetic Registry

The Nationwide Electronic Registry of Diabetic Patients (BNDR) is the approach of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS) to create an Electronic Health Record of Diabetic Patients. All Diabetic Patients visiting medical centers and hospitals of BADAS and its Affiliated Associations shall be registered electronically through BNDR and provided unique identification numbers.

It was initiated in December 2017 with the support of Novo Nordisk, a long-standing partner of BADAS. The goal is to create a Unified Unique Identification System that can bring about the better estimation of the Diabetic Population in Bangladesh.   

The Nationwide Electronic Registry of Diabetic Patients (BNDR) shall create an opportunity to bring a change in the current health system and aim to build a unified approach to better diabetic care.  

The Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS) was founded in 1956 with the motto “no patient should die untreated, uneducated or unfed” and since inception has grown into a nationwide network of Institutions, Enterprises, Medical Centres and Hospitals in Bangladesh. Currently Diabetic Association of Bangladesh has over 100 Hospital and Medical center in Bangladesh

BNDR is an off-spring of the BADAS motto and shall digitize patient enrolment, patient history and doctor-patient consultation with the aim to facilitate patient care and improve medical research to improve medical care.

  1. A unique uniform identification code for its patients. Each patient that will be registered into the electronic health record shall receive a Unique Uniform Identification Code (UUIC).
  2. Obtain a real-time count of patients visiting BADAS centres each day, week, month or year.
  3. Provide Patients their Unique Uniform Identification Code and Health Advice through SMS.

  1. Accumulate data and establish a standardised approach to the treatment of Diabetes and other non- communicable diseases through medical and statistical analysis.
  2. Establish algorithm-based treatment methods to deliver treatment service or medical counselling by mobile apps, through medical statistical studies on data accumulated through BNDR.
  3. Accumulate data of Natural Course of Chronic Disease,
    • Mortality
    • Progression of Complications
    • Change of Treatment Management
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